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Tube or Paddle Board rentals

(with shuttle included)


How it works:
Shuttles leave each day, every hour between 9am and 2pm
Park your car at Canyonlands by day, pick up your rental gear and their shuttle will take you to any one of the put-ins. Canyonlands by day is located on the river. You will float back to their private dock where you will return your gear and your car will be waiting. 

How long will we be on the water?

This is widely variable and is a conversation worth having on the day of trip. Many factors contribute to trip times including river flow rate, congestion, paddle speed and how long you choose to hang out on the beaches a long the way. There are multiple options as to where we can drop you off. You can choose trips from one hour to 15 hours. You tell us how long you want to be out, and we can recommend a drop off location. 


Everybody going down the river must wear a life jacket. Be at least 6 years old, and a minimum of 40 lbs. 

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