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What Should I Bring?

There are a few things we recommend our guests bring with them on tour. The most important being WATER!

We advise participants to bring a Camelpack or a backpack with at least 2 bottles of water.

Backpacks are great for carrying any items you may wish to bring with you on tour (phone, camera, etc).

Drawstring backpacks and bottled water can be purchased in our office prior to your tour.

Additional items you may wish to bring:​​

  • Sunscreen 

  • Sunglasses 

  • Water (we can't stress this enough!)

Can I Take Photos on Tour?

YES! You are welcome to bring your camera, cellphone, or video recorder on tour with you. And we encourage you to take as many photos as you like (it's truly beautiful on our course & you won't want to forget it). 


Therefore we suggest having a way to attach your camera or cell phone to your person or keeping your recording device inside your backpack when not in use. 

Can I Bring My Go-Pro?

Definitely! We even have helmets with Go-Pro attachments so you can mount your Go-Pro to your helmet and capture that epic POV footage. 

Alternate Go-Pro attachments are also fine, but if you plan to use a chest strap be aware that you will have a harness and equipment hanging in front of you while you ride the Zip Lines. This equipment often blocks the Go-Pro camera's view when attached to the chest.  

Can I Bring My Drone?

Unfortunately we cannot allow participants to operate drones during our tours. But we can tell you about some awesome places around Moab to capture some awesome drone footage. Just ask us!

Do You Offer Any Photo/Video Packages?

Not at this time. But we're working on it. 

For now we allow guests to take photos and video with their own recording devices while one tour. 

Go-Pro Rentals are also available to participants. There is a limited supply of Go-Pro rentals, so we suggest calling to reserve your Go-Pro rental in advance. 

I am Only a Few Pounds Over/Under the Weight Limit.  Can I Still Go On the Tour?

Call us.

Our weight restrictions (50 - 275 pounds for the Zip Line; 80 - 275 pounds for the Via Ferrata) are in place for safety reasons and we require participants to be within the specified range. We will try to be a little flexible if you or someone in your party is just a few pounds over/under weight, but safety is our priority. You may come into our office anytime during business hours for weighing and/or harness fitting.

I am Only a Few Weeks Pregnant.  Can I Go on Tour?

Pregnant women may not participate in our Zip Line or Via Ferrata Tours. We'd love to have you on tour with us, but we cannot allow pregnant women on these tours. It's a risk we are simply not willing to take. I'm sure you understand. 

What happens if I want to opt out of the tour early?

If for any reason a participant chooses to opt out of the tour early, one of your guides will escort you back to the vehicles where you will be asked to wait until the tour has finished. You will then ride back down with your tour group.  

I don't want to ride the Ziplines, but the person I'm with does.   Can I still ride along just to watch?

The short answer is No. 

Any person wishing to ride along on our tour must pay full price for their seat, even if they do not wish to ride the Zip Lines. 

As participants will be touring the Sand Flats by travelling from one zip line to another, any person on tour not wishing to ride the Zip Lines will be required to remain with the vehicles at the first zip line (Sneak Peek). You cannot see the other Zip Lines from Sneak Peek and will be waiting at the vehicles until the tour has finished (roughly 1 1/2 hours). Therefore we advise against paying for a seat on the tour for spectating purposes. 

If you want to watch your friends and family on the Zip Line Tour, our course sits alongside the Slickrock bike trail accessed from the Sand Flats Recreation Area. You can find directions from our office HERE. It is roughly 2 miles North from Loop B. Please keep in mind that our Zip Line course, while next to public land, is PRIVATE PROPERTY and you may only view our course from the Slickrock Bike Trail. NOBODY IS ALLOWED ON OUR ZIP LINE COURSE WITHOUT OUR CONSENT & A SIGNED WAIVER. 


Getting Here:

Fly Direct via

United Airlines

Airport Parking  

Car Rentals

Where to Stay:

Aarchway Inn

Best Western Canyonlands


Hyatt Place

Hoodoo Curio by Hilton

Places to Eat:

Zax Restaurant

The Spoke on Center


Josie Wyatts


Learn More About Moab:

Moab Information Center

Arches National Park

Canyonlands National Park

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