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Adventure In Moab - Adventure In Review!

People standing on rocks in moab utah wearing harnesses and helmets at the zip line.

When visiting Moab, Utah the first first word that come to almost everyone's mind is ADVENTURE! 2019 was an especially adventurous year here at Raven's Rim Adventure tours. From new course additions, Private Hummer Tours with exclusive access to Hells Revenge, and combo tours including river rafting, and thrilling jet boat rides up the Colorado river, we were able to help create memories for hundreds of families that will last a lifetime!

One of our favorite changes this year has been the addition of our Via Ferrata climbing course. This course features different obstacles that the guest is able to perform by them selves under supervision of our professional trained guides.

"One of our favorite changes this year has been the addition of our Via Ferrata climbing course."

This course starts off with a 75 Foot Vertical Ascend up a sandstone crevice. After the ascend guest get to run horizontally "Matrix Style" along a vertical wall and then proceeding to our 50 foot tight rope walk.

The Space Net is a favorite among guests as they climb down a net ladder into a shaded hammock to take photos and spend a few moments relaxing in the shade before preparing for the suspension bridge to Free Fall Rappel! This course can be an exciting challenge for kids and adults alike.

Raven's Rim Adventure Tours also added in a new Off Road Hummer Adventure this year. We start off in our customized Hummers at our office and your immediately thrown into an off road adventure with our exclusive private access into the world famous Hell's Revenge 4wd road. No other tour company in Moab is able to access this natural playground via our road which makes it different from any other tour in Moab.

"There is no time wasted navigating through downtown traffic and waiting in line to enter! We go from sitting in the hummer to 4 wheeling in a matter of minutes!"

Raven's Rim Hummer Tours are able to beat the lines and crowds and still end up visiting the iconic views of Hell's Revenge. Guests are able to get out and walk around dinosaur tracks and watch the sun set over the Colorado River Overlook.

In the past year we also started offering combo tours to customize your Moab vacation and take a lot of the guess work and planning out of your vacation. Guests can book a zip line adventure in the morning and head straight to the river after lunch for a thrilling jet boat ride up the Colorado river to cool off!

So from Raven's Rim Adventure Tours in Moab, Utah, we would like to thank everyone that was able to visit and let us show you the adventure you were looking for!

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